Organization Development Consulting Services

Brad Sterl & Associates provides organization development consultation services to enhance personal development and organizational effectiveness. Our goal is to maximize potential by developing knowledge, attitudes and skills that will effectively address:

• Leadership Development
• Third Party Conflict Resolution
• Employee Satisfaction and Climate Surveys
• Organizational Change
• Implementation of Diversity Initiatives

What does the consultation process involve?

Depending on your specific organizational needs, consultation may involve anything from several face-to-face or telephone meetings for the purpose of brainstorming specific problems or challenges to a more extensive process involving some or all of the steps outlined below.
1. Preliminary Needs Assessment: the process of getting acquainted with you and your organization and clearly understanding your specific needs.
2. Needs Analysis: a more structured analysis conducted for the purpose of identifying and objectively defining your specific needs-based goals and objectives.
3. Intervention Strategy: a “game plan” of specific intervention strategies. You and your consultant will review and discuss the plan to ensure that it will effectively meet your objectives.
4. Implementation: executing your plan or facilitation of appropriate internal and/or external implementation solutions.
5. Assessment: assessment tools designed to help evaluate your personnel and organizational needs as well as monitor and measure the progress specifically tied to your goals and objectives.