Meeting and Retreat Facilitation

Have you ever come to the end of a one or two-day meeting feeling that you have not accomplished much or could have achieved better results?
What often happens is that the person leading the meeting is also a participant. It’s difficult to chair a meeting—keeping people focused on the objective, watching the clock, making sure everyone participates—and then try to participate and contribute too. We enable leaders to truly contribute to the meeting and the team’s performance by leaving the facilitation to us.

The pre-meeting work is equally important to the success of your mission.
We will work closely with you to define the goals of the meeting or retreat and prioritize the issues. Together we discuss not only the business context for the event but also the human context; we identify areas where the discussion may veer off track and agree on strategies for handling explosive issues.

We keep the meeting moving toward your goals by expertly balancing the need for progress with the need for people to speak out. We can resolve emerging conflicts quickly and keep the atmosphere positive. Our facilitation sets the tone for the event and inspires the participants to treat each other’s ideas with a high level of respect.
Meeting Facilitation is helpful for :
Strategic Planning Mission & Vision Setting Changing Market Conditions Competitive Evaluation.