Team Building and Team Coaching

Do you sometimes feel as though you are not getting peak performance from your team? If you ask many team members their feelings about team performance, you will likely get complaints about wasted time, inefficiency, and just plain frustration. We work with organizations to create high performance teams that produce results and work well together.

A team may need coaching when:

— relationships are tense
— work is not getting done on time
— not everyone is a participant
— roles are unclear
— conflicts are simmering under the surface
— decisions do not get made
— commitment is missing

High performing teams need a combination of solid communication skills and effective meeting structures in order to have team meetings that lead to solid, timely decisions and concrete actions.

We help teams through several approaches: experiential workshops and team building programs, working one-on-one with key team leaders, team coaching in the large group, and offering specific programs designed to enhance team performance, productivity, and process.

Here are some of the things people are saying after our work with them:
We have more effective meetings
We worked through and were able to overcome difficulties in communicating with each other.
We have learned how to accept personality differences and use these differences
to excel rather than create conflict
I utilize techniques that streamline the process in group meetings.
Our team was able to implement structured agendas and action plans
I was able to get to know others on a more personal level allowing me to develop much better working relationships with my coworkers