Training Programs

Do you worry about inappropriate remarks made in the hallway or employee’s insensitivity to diversity in the workplace? Does your management team need a firmer foundation and common approach to management and leadership? If so we can design a program to fit your needs.

Providing quality training opportunities for executives, managers and team members can significantly enhance
their skill development, morale and motivation, ultimately resulting in greater productivity and performance.

Our goal in designing and conducting training programs is to provide your organization with value added workshops specifically designed to address some of the most challenging personal and work environment obstacles. Our programs are tailored to help you achieve your critical organizational objectives by zeroing in on key personal and interpersonal development issues. We seek to create a more efficient, productive and professional work environment.

A representative listing of training programs and workshops includes:

Building a Respectful Work Place
Preventing Sexual Harassment
Effective Management and Leadership Skills
Creating a Team Based Culture
Resolving Conflict Without Making Enemies
Valuing Diversity
Behaviorally Based Interviewing
Basic Supervisory Skills
Myers Briggs Type Indicator ® MBTI
Managing Change